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Welcome to this digital garden

A documentation site based on IBM's Gatsby Theme Carbon, to share as much as I know as possible.



I realized that some of my tasks were repetitions of tasks that I had already completed before. Then I went looking for ways to document the most time-consuming of tasks.

These were my requirements:

  • Content should be written in markdown
  • Code syntax highlighting should support as many languages as possible
  • Ideally the website should stay online even when I’m gone

And so far I am very pleased with the result. I regularly refer myself and others to this website for the highlighted topics and the search function is really helpful to find work-in-progress articles that have not been added to the sidebar yet.

What’s next?

Of course much more content! But also a rebuild using NextJS and TinaCMS to turn this website into an open authored platform like Wikipedia. Where contributors can freely host a copy of themselves and can update the content by creating pull requests from the built-in CMS.


This would not have been possible without:

  • Gatsby for Static Site Generation* and excellent content delivery
  • A beautiful library of Carbon Design System components
  • Free pipeline runners and hosting on GitLab Pages

*All content is pre-built into static files without the need for a database or server-side processing.